I have a practice room in Frenchay, North Bristol BS16 1NU where there is parking.


Fees for ongoing sessions are currently £30 for daytime appointments and £35 for appointments after 5.00pm. I also offer lower cost sessions at certain times during the day.

A consultation meeting gives us the opportunity to find out whether to go ahead. If so, we can arrange a time for a regular weekly session. If we decide not to proceed, we can also discuss what might better meet your needs.

I will try to accommodate the need to change an appointment time but if this isn't possible, cancelled appointments must be paid for in full as I keep the time for you.

Code of Ethics

Everything disclosed during a psychotherapy session remains confidential unless the material contains information required by law to be passed to another authority.

It is standard practice for counsellors and psychotherapists to be supervised by experienced practitioners. In these situations the client’s identity is always protected.

I am bound by the Code of Ethics published by the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling. These are in line with those of UKCP. Details are available on request.