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How can I help you? I offer meetings where together we work with your difficulties, pain and distress in a quiet, private and confidential setting. I work both short and long term and offer both day and evening sessions in Frenchay, North Bristol.


Counselling is usually shorter term, perhaps focused upon a particular issue or problem, and offers a space to reflect upon, clarify and discover new solutions to a difficulty. As the counsellor my job is not to advise or direct, but to help you understand the nature of the ‘stuckness’ and in so doing discover alternative ways of being and responding.


Psychotherapy is a similar process to counselling but one that goes deeper into the origins of our problems and difficulties and therefore requires more time. Our struggles and symptoms, particularly those that tend to repeat themselves in chronic or distressing ways, are often the result of deeper seated issues and experiences that we have been unable to resolve. The relationship with the therapist offers the opportunity to discover, explore and understand ourselves and our difficulties in new ways which can lead to more satisfying relationships – and to greater freedom and more contented and creative ways of living.